We’re excited to launch a powerful new feature that’s a first for a mobile app: when a big story breaks near your physical location, we’ll send you a push alert with the news. We call it a “proximity alert,” and it’s now live in the Breaking News iOS app (Android coming soon.)

Proximity alerts…

The axe forgets; the tree remembers.

African proverb (via futurepharaohs)

This is a Zimbabwean proverb from the Shona tribe, meaning that a person who harms another or borrows from someone will often forget, but the person who is harmed or borrowed from will always remember.

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Maria Konnikova explores the science behind why having so many good choices makes us anxious:

“Unsurprisingly, when people were asked to decide between something like an iPod and a bag of pretzels, they didn’t feel particularly anxious: the choice was clear and…


New Blogpost featuring a lookbook I did featuring Kelly Augstine

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Innovate like a syndicate.

“Criminal syndicates are far superior at creating successful cultures than the vast majority of the Fortune 500.”

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