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On July 17, 2014, a military warhead brought down Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 that was headed to Kuala Lumpar from Amsterdam. All 298 souls aboard perished. Suspects behind the downing the airliner includes the likes of Russian Leader Vladimir Putin. Putin has sidestepped accusations of responsibility by denying involvement in the calamity.

Granted, Putin was not on the battlefield and did not hit the arm and fire missile buttons. However, he still could be the enabler that armed the Pro-Russian separatists whom shot down two Ukrainian military aircraft days before the commercial jet attack.


Here’s some excellent archival research by NPR’s Code Switch team (with help from NPR librarian Katie Daugert on blacks passing as East Indian or using “exotica” to navigate the Jim Crow South. This perspective complicates the conversations trending on the Internet about cultural appropriation. 

"I was Jim Crowed here, Jim Crowed there, Jim Crowed all over the place. And I didn’t like being Jim Crowed." —- Jesse Routté, who pulled off what historian Paul Kramer calls the “turban trick.”

At the time, ideas of race in America were quite literally black and white. But a few meters of cloth changed the way some people of color were treated.

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43% of people that receive long winded emails ignore or delete them.
 Joseph McCormack, author of BRIEF: Making a Bigger Impact by Saying Less 


Quote Of The Week: Be Brief Or Be Ignored

Stop being boring with these thoughts on brevity—and download the poster to put on your office door. The office blowhard will get the hint.

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This week’s quote comes from Joseph McCormack, author of Brief: Making a Bigger Impact by Saying Less.:

“Brevity is an essential skill that can propel people’s career in an age where the people that they’re talking to are overwhelmed.”

If you’re struggling to grab your audience’s attention—on the Internet or in the board room—say more with less.

Here’s how to avoid a longwinded rant, from Lisa Evans’s article “Less Is More: Why You’re Saying Too Much And Getting Ignored:”