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Comin’ Down the Mountain

Byron Essert and Alex Tongue skate down the Alps.


Bench to Bedroom: Urban Furniture Turned Homeless Shelters

"Whereas London and Montreal have installed spikes on the sidewalks to keep homeless people from getting too comfortable, Vancouver offers a kind welcome with benches that transform into mini-shelters. A nonprofit called RainCity Housing teamed up with Spring Advertising to create the modified public benches in order to provide a covered place to sleep while simultaneously raising awareness….”

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This happens in 2014

O’Ryan’s take: “Im sure this letter is filled with reasoned, thoughtful opinions about race in the US and what role the media plays.”

Also, should point out that this letter is typewritten.


In light of the Ferguson happenings, here’s a look at how news breaks and conversations spread on Twitter.

More — 8 key takeaways about social media and the news. Half of Facebook and Twitter users get news on those sites as do 62% of reddit users. 

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Sure, we’ve always thought that online voting would be convenient, but a judge in Maryland will be hearing arguments soon whether it’s a right that the state is obligated to provide its disabled voters. It’s a compelling argument, and we can’t wait to see how it pans out. What do you think?